About Ellis Day

Lone independent Inventors are often treated with scepticism, often bounced around like a rubber ball and many sounding promises of interest on ones innovation, but always the lack of standards and integrity on the many who fall short very much highlights the abuse often incurred by those who are just being nosey and ready to filch one’s ideas.

As such and having been innovating for many, many years there becomes a time when passion and drive is at its most strongest, when others finally begin to understand the journey you are on and innovation that clearly has a commercial potential. Never to have doubts about ones innovation, never giving up at the first hurdle and the many setbacks you will encounter. To stay focused, creative and not to be disheartened as such experiences are an everyday occurrence.

So let your innovation speak for itself – I do, I do, I do so do not lose heart my interests have grown over past time and today ‘Disruptive Technology’ is my working ethos and ideology that burns the candles way into the midnight hour and beyond. Always a powerhouse of ideas and proof of concept that awaits the actions of others to realise the commercial opportunities and the benefits for others to experience and enjoy, Inventors are the heart and soul of the British nation and its future.